Monday, September 15, 2008

I have been experimenting with plasticine.
Its a really good thing.
Of course,it would be wrong to say that I have not been influenced by Solo's love for plasticine as well.Its soft and takes up the shape of anything,thats on your mind.
So,people go abroad.Thats not a bad thing.But people,who never travel,go abroad and travel.Thats not a bad thing either.People who never travel,go abroad and travel and then put up pictures in networking sites.Thats not a bad thing too.
But then where does suddenly all the money come from???

I went to a pub sometime back.And I overheard,two guys,maybe drunks.
"They say the world is going to be destroyed by this Big Bang experiment"
"Yeah??Man,I aint a geek,but this Big Bang is freaky"
"These scientist must be really drunk to do this shit,man.It requires a drunk state of mind."
"Ever seen chitty chitty bang bang"

Its not funny.I know.Not even remotely funny.Its just funny when you are drunk,like that Afroman song.
Combat Nap is still taking time.Now I have been wondering if its actually worth it.I should be more organized and more focussed.I will start doing so,by buying myself a pencil.
Heh,buying a pencil amost reminds me of my school days.When Mrs B threw me out of the class for not having a pencil with me.I hear they still do that in schools.And the fact that they line up the little kids in a little nice way and move them through the corridors.Thats all they do in schools.Like robots,in a robot manufacturing unit.I imagined that as a school kid.Another friend of mine used to imagine that they are penguins,searching for igloos with eskimos.
Shit,its been quite a dreamy little month.Like eating breakfast with eggs,going for random Bombay trips,spending weekend afternoons in curtained rooms,drizzles and bitching.Its like being 18 and joining college.Its also like the craving for smoking up with your fuckbuds.The fuckbuds come and ramble on. But it aint that anymore.People talk about Bollywood and Atif on caller tunes.

I got myself a pair of expensive aviator shades.Finally.A friend thinks I shifted to Poland.Gtalk corrected him.


coffee stain said...

yay fuckbuddy
did you buy the friggin khata ?!?!
sigh curtained room... sigh sigh sigh..... aami ground floor e thaki :(

OilPastel said...

amrao tai kotha boli. Bollywood and food, perhaps.
What else, man? What else is there?

coffee stain said...

sheesh now i get ki thats just not the thing i wanted to say.... chi chi

remem rocket queen sigh sigh

inihos said...

Pray, why have you been tripping to Mumbai so randomly all of a sudden? :P
And spending afternoons in curtained rooms be leisurely...very

archetype said...

fecker!! we never smoked up together.. Only Oly and JU sessions, but good ones nonetheless... Mrs. B?? Tempted to say Dominic's mom.. correct us here.

As for the robot manufacturing units, apparently the market value of Bosco Robots has gone down drastically, kitty party sources reveal

solo said...

the rest of the post dsnt matter!
nunku da havin/reminiscing fun fun fun!

Aphrodite said...

sounds like fun...plasticine...and the whole idea of giving it whtever shape u wannna... ;)

little boxes said...

you know is till cant write blogposts without writing down stuff in pencil first...
and yes,plasticines are fun...i remember i made a globe once.looks really nice!

Anonymous said...

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