Saturday, March 29, 2008

If there was something I could do,to change all that.
Maybe,I would have done it.
Instead,I just lied.

Everything would have been different.
I could have said no and burned those clay figures I made.
I could have sulked,been arrogant and not look.
But yes,the colour of the hum and the serenity was beautiful.
I just got lured.
I got lured to the vast sea of chances,not knowing what lay beaneath.
Beneath there was dirt,grime and grunge.And some stains of daily filth.
I could not run,but I turned back to see,all whom I despise.
But then,all this pain is meant to wake me up.
Today its just a stone world.

Today's Track:Twisted Transistor by Korn


Darkling said...


Poojo C. said...

The "vast sea of chances" is enticing. But few of the chances end up being the treasures you first thought 'em to be, though they need not always be dirt, grime, and grunge.

Sometimes, in this stone world, you really can't change anything.

dreamy said...

Are you dead sure about this being the stone world ?

Something tells me this is the plastic world

ad libber said...

I like the idea of this being the chocolate world but perhaps the feeling is too positive.

coffee stain said...

fuckin deep.......
where'd you copy this from!?!?

archetype said...
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archetype said...

eto depression kisher mairi?? Company poisha dichche na bole???

onnesha said...

the twisted transistor.
some how i always found the video too heady.funny headbanging shit!

Macadamia The Nut said...

You guys make me feel dumb!

Though your verse sounded profound I understood very little. :((

solo said...

aah. you are the moolah inihos told me about... we have common ambitions, is a way to introduce myself!

solo said...

ahh yes, the collaborator, also known as solo, who was the other confusin s. on orkut!
and as for my pet, he is balthasar and you are supposed to feed him and play with him!

solo said...

yes, im solo, when im not so hi(gh)! n no, m not her alter ego, we are quite different from each other in most ways...but m her partner in crime!! and confusin ppl on orkut was our sole ambition a few days back! :P and you, my dear, were one of our unfortunate victims! *evil laughter*!!

and yes, you are supposed to feed HIM (not it). you click on "more" then on the apple and then feed him! he has feelings too!!!

onnesha said...

and moo-lah decides to hibernate.

little boxes said...

I think i'm in love with the first and reread it around a zillion times

~Moo-lah Buz!nezzz~ said...

@darkling..Spiderman,spiderman..tra-la-la-la! :-P

@poojo....the treasures always lie under the dirt and the grime....

@dreamy....yes,stone,plastic,polyester,paper...whatever u want!!...but i think ill choose stone...

@ad libber...if it was chocolate,we wud have eaten it all up,wudnt we?? :-)

@roy...ufff,copy keno korbo!!!

@archetype....depression is way too much thinking ahead...and i dont mind extra money.. ;-)!!! i know!!!

@mac...dont worry happens,but thanks anyway!! :-)

@little boxes...thanks mate!!