Saturday, November 17, 2007

After all I saw today,I come to this conclusion.
In today's world,anyone who gives the CAT exam,has a gal and proclaims he does pot, is cool.
Haha!I think Im somewhere in between laughing and puking!!!!

Ohh!!And Homer Simpson's my new found God!!!


ad libber said...

I will never be cool :(
I am stuck somewhere in the middle of geek and nerd, I guess.

Agree about Homer Simpson. All I need to know about life, I learn from him and dark chocolate.

Poojo C. said...

That doesnt sound cool at all. CAT is highly overrated as it is. As is the intellectual capacity of most MBAs. Any idiot can get a gal. And doing pot ain't cool.

My God is Garfield!

onnesha said...

my god is ze calvin.
and hobbes exists whatever people might say.whoever thinks he is a stray piece of cloth with two beads serving as eyes are awfully wrong.

Dyaus said...

After all CAT alumni get millions of quids as a salary. My GOD is Jughead.


If any idiot can get a gal, then I want to become an idiot. :D

Aphrodite said...

u just spoke my mind...hehe

shutter bug said...

my god is darth vader! i'll be cool if i get hitched?! frig!!! fool i say fool

Random Doodler said...

My god is Snoopy!
And i'll never be cool

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

@adlibber!!...Dont'worry,we all aint cool!!...I'm stuck somewhere between 'options' and 'other options'!!

@poojo!!...CAT is overrated..MBA is overrated!! no doing pot aint cool at all...but it seems gen-x kids proclaiming that they do pot is cool!!..pot is chi-chi!!..:-P

@onnesha....Calvin's my other God too.And hobbes is his alter i guess.yaay,hi-five!!!

@dyaus....naah,Jughead's human.He'll still get beaten up by Moose if he hits on Midge...


@roy....wanna play Star Wars??!!.. :P..I'll be Luke!!..You can be my dad!!.. :-P

@RD...Snoopy's too slow,not muh god!!if u have a gal,ull be a lesbian....(*secretly wishing that*) ..... :-)

Epsilon said...

never cool...
never gave cat
never did pot....
had a gf....

dhur saaaala :)

onnesha said...

come could be all cool doods and done a "rock on" gyration,huh?

coffee stain said...

i saw a school boy buy dope :O
class 10 max........... frig man... and heck no i ain't your faaather!

inihos said...

cat is overrated, maybe cool, but my question is how did it go??

and i like too like calvin

onnesha said...

"and i like too like calvin"??
you okay?
dope taking its toll on you too?
or mebbe this can be used to mean,"i like to like calvin" whatever that means.
ok tata bye bye
horn plsss....

coffee stain said...

very hostile comments :P

Random Doodler said...

if you revolve your entire life around that one single fantasy, yo shall be denounced as short-sighted indeed.
Err...that refers to your comment on my comment.
And i just feel like saying this.
"Luke. I'm your father"
(No connection)
Blah! im bored.

coffee stain said...

oi i just remembered..... tui luke hole liea tor bon....hee hee.....

Moo-lah Buzinezzz! said...

@arpan..... Hahahahahaha!!..we were never 'the' cool in school,were we??!!...but we were cool anyway...hahahaha!!!

@onn..i can do a 'rock on' gyration!!!...and i like to like calvin does make sense,dope's always calvinieted!!!,no..CAT's super cool,as the young people say...!!..overrated,hell ya!!!

@Random doodler..LEsbiansssss!!! yee-haw!!!!....and No,u aint my father,u fake Darth Vader!!! :-P

@Roy....10 yr old...sheeeesh!!!liea amar bon hole...ami...errrrr...*indicating to some incestous relationship*!!!

dreamy said...

But what did you see? :O..
mane you gave CAT ?

ar I found this in some body's orkut scrapbook.

"why you hell bent on fishing for info in my scrapbook?..get a life man, give CAT or something!!".

anyhow, my God is Chandler Bing B-)

solo said...

i encourage thee!