Friday, April 27, 2007


1. Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it:
On my left thumb,I was playing ikkir-mikkir-chaam-chikkir with a paper-cutter.Yes i was a wee bit psychotic when I was 8.

2. What is on the walls in your room?
I had lotta pencil-wall-graphitti's and collages and lots of posters...including one where a chimpanzee feeds a baby.....which attracts lots of mosquitoes for some wierd reason.
Now...I have nothing.Just a huge crack!

3. What does your phone look like?
Ohhh..its cool!! Its got a 2 Mp camera, hi-fi speakers.,1 Gb memory card,and a twist bottom.
But everything's kinda loosely attached now...cuz of my sudden juggling fits.

4. What music do you listen to?
Umm...I prefer the Classic rock and sometimes Country....but if you put "tera surooooooor" in my Ipod..I might just listen to it as well!!!

5. What is your current desktop picture?
Its black and white.Shows a guy sitting on a chair,heads down,while the limelight is on him.The picture is taken from the top.
Now picturise it youself!!!...

6. What do you want more than anything right now?
Normal office timings. (Fuck the extra bitchy night-shift money)!!

7. Do you believe in gay marriage?
Hoootevaaaa....doesnt bother me!!!!

8. What time were you born?
12.03 am.....15th March....1984......
It was Holi.

9. Are your parents still together?
I guess so.And they just bought a new car.

10. What are you listening to?
Cocaine by Eric Clapton.And a guy called Jerry talking to me in a weird American accent over the phone.

12. The last person to make you cry?

Walt Disney.(dont ask!!)

13. What is your favourite perfume/cologne?
ohhhhh...I like Brut,OldSpice,Graphite,HUGO,Oriflame Glacier,CIGAR..blah blah.... *I love to smell females*.....!!!

14. What kind of hair/eye colour do you like on the opposite sex?
Ummm.......Blue eyed and definitely black hair....(no other color!!!!)

15. Do you like pain killers?
I was addicted to them about 3 years back.Now I cant take it even if i have to.

16. Are you too shy to ask someone out?
Heehee...okk,Im shy.But I generally am the first one to ask a girl out.And I do it realllllly tactfully!!!!......

17. Fave pizza topping?
Pork,with mozzarella cheese and capsicum.

18. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
Macdonald's McChicken burger with large fries and beer.But i guess im happy with Diary milk chocolate and the Mapro Candies.

19. Who was the last person you made mad?
Vishal Chogle,my process mate and my getting-blasted-by-someone partner.......he snapped a minute ago...

20. Is anyone in love with you?
Ohhhhh....yes!!!.....But I aint love with her.Lets keep it to that!!

Its a wierd probably useless questionnaire session.... but whatever...its just the kind of thing you wanna write on a Friday nite when probably the whole world is partying ...but you.

Check out the links below if you are too waiting like me......
hee hee!! eees eeet???

ooooaaaannnhaaanee mohoooooreee!!!

Geee!!! sooo fuckin excited!!!!...

ohh..and I tag..Rishi...Adrita...Harsha....Sudi....or any other *peep* who visits my blog....(btw this is just a formality,i think)!!!