Monday, February 05, 2007

just the ol' frigging blues!!!

Okk,I know whats going wrong. I think I do. But how does it help. Doesn’t help anymore. No one gives a shit. No one. Im really dreamy nowadays . And she came in my dreams yet again. But how does it help. Doesnt help anymore.
I bet u aint understanding a thing im saying.
Trust me,someday,when u start dreaming….u will too.


beloved_witch said...

cryptic post again! ur becoming like me.

debanuj said...

...damn u catch me everytime!!!....;-)

dreamy said...

well i was doing some timepass in orkut,came here from your profile!..shud I say i completely identify with whatever you have written over here?..:P

debanuj said...

u do???...awww...and i thought i was the only one... :P