Monday, February 19, 2007

...and she still says im a fool,ya!

Well,there I was,searching for my Pandoras Box which had driven so much into curiosity that I was even prepared to quit my job and start exploring the Straits of Gibraltar.But then imagination took over me.And thats when I completely lost it.The way the cookie crumbled,vegetation on the Alps, aliens using nano-technology to invade earth - I saw it all. They say " The human brain is the child of imagination".I disagreed.Imagination is our own world.Our own Moo- Custard-space.We mould it,shred it,crush it and ultimately puzzle it down to some obscure form or the other.It is probably one of God's usual bad jokes just to cover up the perfectionism of the human brain.
Ever since I barely managed to reach the mid of my college life,my mind had taken an absolutely different turn.Rationalism gave way to idealism,dreams conquered practicality.I dunno if it was the excess booze or the hilly dope , but it did add on.Like the times when u feel the oceanic waves inside your head hit you so hard that it knocks you out.The few months after college introduced me to an entirely wierd bunch of people who drastically influenced my thinking on life.Well,in our world,I realized,I was special but in an abnormal way.Sraanda Shu had once told me "Whats the point of living and dreaming, when you can't solve your maths"
Yes,The maths was tough.I needed a job,some money to live without my parent's cash (of course) and some kind of reconcilliation.I got both the formers,but the latter...I kinda let it go. Never came back. It was regrettable,but inevitable,wasn't it?
A year later,2007.When the wolrd prepares to counter terrorism,global warming,conflict diamonds,religious issues,Columbian drugs,Cuban cigars and asteroids striking earth in a decade, you know what I say. And I say "phuck eet!".Insensitive,heartless,selfish,fuckless sucker,am I,ya?
Well,yes,I have lost it. And I have no clue what to do about it.


beloved_witch said...

ahhh boy...but we must dream. if only to keep ourselves sane...even if we must wake up...we still need to dream. its the only way to get that reconciliation u r looking for.

debanuj said...

i know....dreaming is the best part.Its my way out. :-)

and who u callin a boy??!!! :-P