Friday, January 19, 2007

random and bored!

I watched Sin City.It was psychotic and weird.The bad ass crime world.Sheeeesh!

Yesterday got pretty nicely stoned and played a card game called ANO.’twas stupid but fun.

Somewhere I had heard that the worst way to miss someone was to know that u can never ever see that person anymore.Im kinda having that feeling.But I know im stoic enough to drown in it an alcohol peg.No more tears.So remember if u ever smell a Dundee cake…make sure its Christmas or else something’s gravely wrong.
Ohhh and Im bored!


beloved_witch said...

u saw sincity???/ where? i wanted to see it like...forever..!! ki bitch. andu say ur bored!
i'd like to be bored for a while. and a grasshopper, i just know it!

debanuj said...

sin city is psychotic...!!!..i aint sure whether ull like it or not.....but i u aint a grasshopper... u r the humming bird.....u form a different category all together....!!!.. :-P