Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vacuum cleaned,yet again.

Yes,so I did something for the people today and donated that red liquid of mine.
It wasnt really the give-me-blood-and-ill-give-you-freedom propaganda though.They never give you the freedom.They just take the blood and sell it off.Neverever the freedom.Bloody consumerism,to be precise,I think.
But I went for the free food and my friend went to know what his blood group was.We were both dissapointed.
Phew,after all that mental snubbing I do to people,a little good deed like this,doesn't really feel too bad.

I have been taking in a lot of writing assignments and despite the fact that I absolutely detest the SB comic,I pride on the fact that its back with me once again.The reason? It is my first kinda attempt at anything to do with comics on print.And its everything,but fun, creative, gory, sexual, dark,adult. Just perfect,for someone to whom those words mean nothing.Which incidentally reminds me of those millions,no...billions of those Viagra spam mails.And cigarettes.Addictive,but only for kids.
Its often struck me how such comics actually relate to those kids,who appear to be disconnected from the entire concept of childhood.A little bit of what I was.The alone stuttering younger sibling,who quietly played with his gi-joes and chalk,had friends in school,but still preferred to be alone.He reads this shit I churn out and thinks like the way I did about the Ramayan serial,where the guy who acted God Ram became famous as the guy-who-acted-God-Ram.Anyway,so he thinks,two boys and their friends (mostly masculine) running around here and there.g-ay!

Finally when all the dust has been cleared again (umpteenth time) and vacuum cleaned,I need a new look for this blog.


madhurima said...

am so glad u posted something....after ages!!!!

and i donated blood too, but never got any free food :(

Anonymous said...

You ended up with blood clots...

And what will happen to SB without you?!

Shenba said...

Keep Writing !


dreamy said...

I am glad you blogged.

reshma said...

noe ...guess have to wait for a decade:( dnt leave dis place , write write,,..:(

Anonymous said...

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Anusia said...

Donating blood is a good thing but I am just scared of injection.

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Simmi Sharma said...

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