Monday, September 14, 2009

What is the height of being well known?
A hijre in a local train recognizes me and S and almost ran towards us.
The last time he/she commented on how a great jodi we were and also complained about the tee shirt I was wearing.I gave him/her some money then.
This time,even though he/she shook hands with me,he/she wasnt so lucky.


dreamy said...

Shit this is TOO funny! :D

coffee stain said...

:P you toh like my dad, he used to socialize with em, ki cholche, kemon bazar hee hee, them be fun to talk to but

Anonymous said...

Don't think the hijre found it too funny not to be paid.

OilPastel said...

shit i realized today that inihos is sohini spelt backwards.
Anyway...they used to bother me a lot in school. I dont like them :-/

OilPastel said...
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Sirf Ek Saridon said...

Hee heee..the road rage tee? :P