Monday, August 10, 2009

Flu by

Ok,so I look like such a psychopath with the mask.
What is this with the swine flu anyway? You got it on the news, on the roadside hoardings,on advertisements,in fuckin humans,in their brain.More than a bloody disease,its turned into a typical dinner conversation.And unfortunately the city I live in had to be....fuckin had to be,the hub of all this flu.The mothership of the virus.Yes,whattay to describe it.Like those aliens,which invade the earth.The mothership waits outside in space and it sends the warriors aliens to invade good ol' earth.Like the viruses.The viruses bloody go on creating havoc,every frikkin time.Bird flu,HIV,swine,mofo,sons of bitches.No wonder,the pigs are taking revenge on humans for abusing them and calling them names.Wonder whats gonna happen when donkeys start flu-ing.Especially,not to forget we call the dirtiest part of our body,the asshole.What happened to peace,anyway.If only humans could also mutate,maybe then we could like adapt and fuck up these tiny little creatures.and maybe show 'em who's the boss.
So,there,anyway.I look like a psychopath with the mask on.

Today's Track : My my,hey hey---- Neil Young


dreamy said...

The mask looks a little weird. I'd say a little scary too.

Kiran Sharma said...

TCS Jaipur
Thank you!