Friday, September 01, 2006

Time and me........................................

Its been almost 2 weeks since I left kolkata and joined Infosys in mysore.The experience has been good.But ive suffered.kinda from certain thoughts which I require to pen down…………

I flunked my first 2 exams in my company.One was a psychometric exam,which tested if I was a psychopath or not.The exam proved I was.
The second was an English exam,I still dunno why I flunked.I guessed I was loser.:)

I want to dance with a girl.Romantic dance.Careless whispers.

I have had food poisoning and I felt giddy!

I want to read “To kill a mocking bird” and “On the road”…

I listen to songs every night and then I forget to charge my cell phone.

Ive stopped missed calling too much.But I do still give missed calls.Even to my parents.

I hate being ordered around.But I have to get used to it.

I apologize to someone for being a jerk.

I love my new room.

I feel lively and energetic.And a bit too confident.I guess its good.

I realized that the world is too huge to get famous.I still wonder how Bill Gates did it.


beloved_witch said...

YAY yay yay yay Yay! am so happy to fiiiinally see sumthn else!! but but but..i got qstns..! who u been a jerk to? and u miscall your parents? :O

ripz said...

hey..thats what life's all about!!..with all twists and turns..
my best wishes to you

btw..To kill a Mocking Bird is good!!

debanuj said...

the questions have no answer......:P

long time huh..:) best wishes to u too....